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Media accreditation

For the accreditation it is necessary to send a request to the press office ( The e-mail should include: anagraphic data, phone number, the name of the newspaper/magazine, and the number of the Journalists’ society or, in case it is not provided, it is necessary to have an accreditation request signed by the director of the newspaper/magazine. Also, we suggest to include the request for the tickets of the events called approfonditaMente.


The accreditation will be approved by the press office and confirmed with an email.
Due to the limited amount of available positions, the accreditation is not guaranteed if you will show up directly during the festival.


The accreditation does not include hospitality.


How to collect the accreditation

The journalists who received the confirmation can collect their pass (and the approfonditaMente tickets) at the press office which will be located inside the town hall in Sarzana, piazza Matteotti 1, 1st floor.



They need to have an accreditation like the journalists.


Web sites

Because of capacity reasons, it will be possible to give only a limited amount of accreditations.
The press office reserves the right to choose and give no more than one accreditation for each newspaper/magazine/journal.


Radio television websites

The pass gives the right for audio and video recording of a maximum of 3 minutes for each event. For different needs it is strictly necessary the press office’s permission.



The pass is distributed for a personal use only, and it gives the right for a free admission to all the events except  the ones dedicated to kids and the approfonditaMente events; for these events it is necessary to ask for the specific ticket that will be distributed according to availability. The pass doesn’t guarantee a seat or entrance once the event has started.


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