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Giuseppe Cederna

Giuseppe Cederna foto di Marco Caselli Nirmal
Giuseppe Cederna

is a film and theatre actor, a writer and traveller. He has appeared in various films, including La famiglia by E. Scola, Marrakesh Express and Mediterraneo by G. Salvatores, Italia-Germania 4-3 by A. Barzini, Il partigiano Johnny by G. Chiesa, El Alamein by E. Monteleone, Nine by R. Marshall, Maschi contro femmine and Femmine contro maschi by F. Brizzi. His theatrical performances include, Sogno di una notte d’estate, directed by G. Salvatores, Amadeus by P. Shaffer, directed by M. Missiroli, Il giardino dei ciliegi by A. Cechov, directed by G. Lavia, Il grande viaggio, taken from his book by the same name. In Il viaggiatore incantato he brings the story of his experiences and passion to the theatre. With Feltrinelli he has published Il grande viaggio (2004) and Piano americano (2011). With the publishing house Excelsior 1881 he has written Ticino, le voci del fiume: storie d’acqua e di terra (2009).


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