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Pier Aldo Rovatti

Pier Aldo Rovatti Pier Aldo Rovatti, 1942, teaches Contemporary Philosophy at Trieste and has been editor of the philosophy journal Aut Aut since 1976. After publishing books on Whitehead, Sartre and Marx, he walked the same path for a while as Gianni Vattimo, following the so-called trend of “weak thought”. He is particularly attached to an essay entitled Abitare la distanza, written in the mid 1990s (soon to be reprinted by Cortina). He has made studies of Freud and Lacan, and is greatly interest in Foucault and Derrida. Recently, his thinking has focussed above all on paradoxical thought, madness and playing. His books include: with A. Dal Lago Per gioco (Cortina, 1993); Il paiolo bucato (Cortina, 1998); La follia in poche parole (Bompiani, 2000); with D. Zoletto La scuola dei giochi (Bompiani, 2005). To mark the occasion of the Festival della Mente, Cortina is publishing La philosophy può curare?
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