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Mauro Mancia

Mauro Mancia MauroMancia, born in Fiuminata in 1929, he was professor of Neurophysiology at theUniversity of Milan between 1969 and 2004. As a neurophysiologist he has published some 200 papers mostly ininternational journals, and a number of books. Psychoanalytical training at theIstituto di Psicoanalisi in Milanduring the 1970s. Member of the SPI. As a psychoanalyst he has studied dreams,the theory and clinical aspects of narcissism, the memory and the subconscious.He has published some 100 theoretical/clinical papers in internationaljournals, and a number of books, including: Sonno& sogno (Laterza, 2006); Il sonnoe la sua storia. Dall’antichità all’attualità (Marsilio, 2004); with Pietro Calissano and Domenico Parisi, Mente e Cervello: un falso dilemma? (ilNuovo Melengolo, 2001); Breve storia del sogno (Marsilio,1998); Coscienza sogno e memoria(Borla, 1998).
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