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Marco Romano

Marco Romano (born 1934), is an architect and has introduced a new discipline—the aesthetics of cities—that he has taught at the Architecture departments of the universities of Venice and Genoa, and at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio. He has been editor of the journal Urbanistica, and is a member of Italy’s Higher Council for Cultural Assets. Among the essays he published in the website, the most recent, Ascesa e declino della città europea—where he examines the culture of cities in the evolutionary perspective suggested by Luca Cavalli Sforza—contains the ‘portraits’ of many cities (including Sarzana) as art works. He wrote a few seminal texts of his discipline: L’estetica della città europea (Einaudi, 1993, 2003); Costruire le città (Skira, 2004); La città come opera d’arte (Einaudi, 2008). Together with Marco Trisciuoglio, he has edited the 3rd volume of the encyclopedia La Cultura Italiana (UTET, 2009), entitled Città, casa, paesaggio.
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