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Gian Carlo Calza

Gian Carlo Calza

teaches History of East Asian Art at Venice’s Ca’ Foscari university, where he is a member of the steering board. He directs the International Hokusai Research Center, with seats in Venice and in Milan. He has promoted and coordinated a number of international conferences on related topics, and has been the scientific consultant to some of the most important Oriental art exhibitions in Italy, including Design Giapponese. Una storia dal 1950, set up in 1995 at Milan’s Triennale. Among Calza’s critical essays on the classical and modern art of East Asia are: Cina (Einaudi, 2002); Hiroshige. Il maestro della natura (Skira, 2009); Il canto del guanciale e altre storie (Phaidon, 2010); Hokusai. Il vecchio pazzo per la pittura (edited in 1999), Gengji. Il principe splendente (2008), Utamaro e il quartiere del piacere (2009), all three published by Electa.


Different, eccentric, extraordinary: aesthetics and creativity between Asia and the West

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