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Giuseppe Bertolucci

Giuseppe Bertolucci

film director and author of many tv, cinema and theater screenplays, has has his début as a film director in 1971 with I poveri muoiono prima. He has cooperated with his brother Bernardo, the filmmaker, in writing the screenplay for Novecento. In 1977 he adapted R. Benigni’s performance Berlinguer ti voglio bene, for the moving pictures. Together with V. Cerami, Bertolucci has written Segreti segreti (1984). Other screenplays include TuttoBenigni (1986), Amori in corso (1989), Il dolce rumore della vita (1999), and L’amore probabilmente (2001). This year, Bompiani published his book Cose da dire.


In words and pictures: cinema and literature

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