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Haim Baharier

Haim Baharier

was born in Paris in 1947, the child of parents of Polish descent who survived the extermination camps. He studied with Léon Askenazi and with the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas. A mathematician and a psychoanalyst, he is considered to be one of the leading scholars in Jewish thinking and biblical hermeneutics. Baharier is Visiting Professor in the departments of Education Sciences, Sociology, Psychology and Art of many Italian universities, and is often invited to international conferences. He has developed courses in managerial training and development of cognitive abilities based on the hermeneutical approach. He has founded the Binah Center for managerial training in Milan, and also works as a consultant to entrepreneurs. His books include: La Genesi spiegata da mia figlia (Garzanti, 2006), Il Tacchino pensante (Garzanti, 2008); Le Dieci Parole (San Paolo, 2011); Qabbalessico (Giuntina, 2012).


Qabbala and an economy of justice

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