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Atelier dell’Errore


Atelier dell’Errore is a visual and performative arts laboratory designed in 2002 by the artist Luca Santiago Mora for the Department of Infant Neuropsychiatry in Reggio Emilia, Italy and, from 2014, also for Bergamo Hospital. In the past years it has shown to be not only a valid complementary to clinic procedures but also a relational piece of art. As of that it participated to multiple contemporary art expositions and events, both in Italy and abroad. Since its foundation the only represented subjects are animals, erasers are banned, and errors are considered an added value. In 2015 the artistic collective Atelier dell’Errore BIG was born, so as to render kids real professionals; it has its operational base in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


Prototypes of prophetic zoology

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