the first European festival on creativity

ExtraFestival 2024


Event n. 43 – Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st, 10:45 AM, Spazio Hera – Moderno Cinema
Curated by Minotauro Institute, with Loredana Cirillo and Filippo Rosa


Your turn! The festival audience in a dialogue with psychologists.


Too often whave failed to love our children and students for who they are, to thank them for what they have taught us, and to appreciate the emotions they have sparked within us. Now is the time to do so.


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parallelaMente / Edition 2024

parallelaMente is the 11th edition of an off-series event curated by Orianna Fregosi and taking place from August 28th to September 1st in Sarzana. The event features both local and outside cultural organizations and artists.


All events are free.


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FurgoMytho, the van with the radio inside, is a project born from the desire to remember Giulio and his passion for Greek mythology and the stories he loved to tell in the podcasts recorded during the Radio Rogna workshop, a free and independent web radio active since 2016.
During the festival days, FurgoMytho will be parked near the Firmafede Fortress and will open its microphones to live testimonies from children, teenagers, and parents, and to interview speakers, artists, and writers.







Aut-Aut area – Inclusion and creativity

The guys from Luna Blu and AGAPO Odv of La Spezia, part of the AUT AUT ETS Foundation, will be actively participating during the festival. They will offer official event merchandise created by the Amelie brand, along with handcrafted products made through training and socio-employment inclusion programs. This dedicated space, managed by the AUT AUT Foundation –comprising AGAPO Odv, the Il Domani dell’Autismo ETS Foundation, and the Carispezia Foundation – aims to showcase their skills and talents. The foundation’s mission is to integrate young adults with autism and disabilities into the workforce.







Futuro Aperto

Aria ("Air")


The traces left by boys and girls during the first stop of the "Muro delle Idee" ("Wall of Ideas") in La Spezia have transformed into airborne words, carrying the dreams, hopes, and ideas of Generation Z. The installation, "Aria," located in an alley of the historic center, invites visitors to "walk through" these words, symbolically entering their world and promoting intergenerational listening and engagement.

The artwork was created by youths participating in Futuro Aperto, a project selected by "Con i Bambini" ("With Children") as part of the Fund for Combating Educational Poverty in Minors, and co-financed by Fondazione Carispezia. The initiative unites twenty-four partners, including associations, educational institutions, and high schools from the province of La Spezia.










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