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Gabriele Landi

Gabriele Landi Gabriele Landi and Valeria Tognoni have been involved in teaching visual arts since 1999. Both graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and with specialisations in Pedagogy and Teaching Art from the Education Department of GAM, Bologna, the Atelier des Enfants at the Centre G. Pompidou, Paris and the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato. In 2001 they began holding workshops and conferences to heighten awareness about Novecento art. In 2002 they began their own project: E' arrivato il museo, to familiarise small children with contemporary visual language. In 2004 they were responsible for the educational side of the exhibition Tinguely and Munari, held at CAMEC, la Spezia, and put on E' arrivato il museo: percorsi d'arte moderna e contemporanea.
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