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Vittorio Gallese

Vittorio Gallese Vittorio Gallese, neuroscientist,is professor of physiology at the Neuroscience Department of Parma University. Amongthe discoverers of mirror neurons, he has concentrated his research on therelationship between action, perception and the cognitive processes. He hasdeveloped an integrated model of intersubjectivity and works with philosophers,psychiatrists and linguists as part of a multidisciplinary approach to socialcognition. He has taught and carried out research at the Universities of  Lausanne, Berkeley and the NihonUniversity in Tokyo. He has written over 90 scientificpublications and is the author of Autismo.L’umanità nascosta (Einaudi, 2006); he is editor of the neurosciencesection of the dictionary La Psiche(Einaudi, 2007).
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