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Aharon Appelfeld

Aharon Appelfeld born in 1932 in Bucovina in a Jewish family, was deported to a concentration camp. Orphaned, the 8-year-old Aharon escaped and spent the next three years wandering in the forests together with members of the local underworld. In 1946 he arrived in Palestine. Currently, Appelfeld teaches Hebrew Literature at the Ben Gurion University of Be’er Sheva. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Awarded a number of prestigious literary prizes, he has published 25 books among novels, collections of stories, and essays, including : Badenheim, 1939 with Dalya Bilu (1997); The Iron Tracks (1999); The Conversion (2000); The Story of a Life (2004); A Table for One (2005). His books are translated into a number of different languages.
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