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Vittorio Sermonti

Vittorio Sermonti was born 1929 in Rome, and has always investigated, in all kinds of guises (novelist, essayist, theatre translator and director, teacher, poet, performer), the relationship between writing and voice, i.e. the vocal energy hidden in literary language. He has written three novels, a book of short stories set in Prague, an epic essay on soccer, a Dante trilogy in the shape of a critical account published by Rizzoli (L’Inferno di Dante, 1988; Il Purgatorio, 1990; Il Paradiso, 1993), a book of verse, a couple of opera librettos, a book of short stories derived from Verdi’s scores. Between 1995 and 2006 he has thoroughly “read and told” Dante’s Comedy, in Ravenna, Rome, Florence, Milan and Bologna. In 2006 in Milan, and in 2008 in the Roman Musei Capitolini, he has read and commented on the twelve books of Virgil’s Aeneid, translated by himself and published by Rizzoli in 2007. He’s been working for years on a huge handbook on meter.
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