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Moni Ovadia

Moni Ovadia born 1946 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from a Jewish family, studied in Milan where he started his career as a singer and musician; his theatre debut was in 1984 and he has worked with T. Kantor, F. Parenti, G. Marini; in 1990 he created the Theater Orchestra and started his collaboration with CRT Artificio di Milano. His popularity and critical acclaim have been growing ever since; he has made records, acted in movies, taken part in radio shows. Since 2004 he’s at the head of the Mittelfest in Cividale del Friuli. He is always involved in peace and human rights issues. Among his publications, all with Einaudi, are: L’umorismo ebraico in otto lezioni e duecento storielle (1998); L’ebreo che ride (1998); Ballata di fine millennio (1999); Contro l’idolatria (2005); Oylem Goylem (2005); Perchè no? L’ebreo corrosivo (2006); Lavoratori di tutto il mondo ridete (2007); Via a te stesso (2002); L’ebreo che ride (2008).
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