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Ludovica Lumer

Ludovica Lumer was born in Milan in 1971 and since 1997 has been working with Semir Zeki at the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology (University College London), where she started researching in the field of neuro-aesthetics, studying the relationship between visual perception and artistic representation. In 2005 she opened an art gallery in Milan. She has published many scientific articles in major international journals and art catalogues. She takes a course on the Representation of Discomfort at the Psychology Faculty of the Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca. Together with Marta dell’Angelo, she published C’è da perderci la testa. Scoprire il cervello giocando con l’arte (i Libri del Festival della Mente, Laterza, 2009). At the moment she is writing about neurosciences and contemporary art with Semir Zeki (to be published by Laterza), investigating twenty-first century man, from physiological mechanisms to artistic representations.
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