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John Banville

John Banville is an Irish novelist, critic and screenwriter, occasionally working under the pseudonym of Benjamin Black, whose novels have been translated around the globe. He has written for the Irish Times and The New York Review of Books, and has won many prizes such as the Guinness Peat Aviation Book Award, the Ennio Flaiano Prize and Man Booker Prize. His novels have been adapted for television, cinema and the theatre. Guanda published his following works in Italian: La spiegazione dei fatti (original title: The Book of Evidence, 1991); Atena (Athena: A Novel, 1996); L’intoccabile (The Untouchable, 2000); Eclisse (Eclipse, 2002); La notte di Keplero (Kepler, 2002); L’invenzione del passato (Shroud, 2003); Dove è sempre notte (Christine Falls, 2007); Un favore personale (The Silver Swan, 2008); Isola con fantasmi (Ghosts, 2009); La lettera di Newton (The Newton Letter, 2010); Congetture su April (2010).
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