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Silvio Orlando

Silvio Orlando

is a very popular Neapolitan stage and screen actor and director. An appreciated interpreter of the vices and virtues of the man in the street, Orlando has worked under some of Italy’s best authors and directors: G. Salvatores in Kamikazen-Ultima notte a Milano and Nirvana; N. Moretti in Palombella rossa, Aprile (that won him the 1998 David di Donatello award for best actor in a supporting role), La stanza del figlio, Il Caimano; D. Lucchetti in Il portaborse, La scuola; C. Mazzacurati in Un'altra vita and La passione; P. Virzì in Ferie d'agosto; S. Citti in I magi randagi; G. Piccioni in Luce dei miei occhi; A. Grimaldi in Caos calmo. In 2008, under the direction of P. Avati, he won the Coppa Volpi at the Venice Film Festival for his interpretation of the father in Il papà di Giovanna. His success in moving pictures, however, has not led him to neglect the stage, where he continues his acclaimed career.


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