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Fabio Giommi

Fabio Giommi

is a psychotherapist. He is currently a senior researcher at the Catholic University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands where he monitors a multi-disciplinary project on mindfulness at the intersection of studies on the brain, emotions and consciousness. Since 2002 he has been investigating the clinical applications of mindfulness at the Jon Kabat- Zinn’s Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the U.S.A. He has worked with other internationally renowned mindfulness experts and has been a direct student of its pioneer, Gregory Kramer. In Italy he devotes himself to the clinical practice of mindfulness, to its popularization and to training. He is the director of NOUS, the 4-year specialization school in Cognitive-Constructivist Psychotherapy in Milan. He is founding member and president of AIM, the Italian Mindfulness Association. Ponte alle Grazie are about to publish his book Trasformare la mente.

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