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Jacopo Perfetti

Jacopo Perfetti

(1981) is a curator and designer of exhibitions and has worked with a number of museums and festivals, including Milan’s PAC (with the exhibition Street Art, Sweet Art), ArteMas in Havana, Cuba, Faqra Fair in Faqra, Lebanon, MART of Rovereto, Spazio Oberdan in Milan and the Rome Auditorium. In 2006 he has founded Art Kitchen to develop creative and cultural projects related to street art. He lectures on art and communications at a number of Universities and institutions.
For Skira he has edited Street Art, Sweet Art (2007), Bros+20E20 (2008), ivan, Poesia Viva (2009), Tv Boy, Mash up (2010), intralci (2011). Through the lenses of Thierry Guetta, the French video maker who has been documenting for years the night work of street artists, the movie Exit through the gift shop will reveal the personality of Banksy, one of the world’s leading graffiti artists, the creation of his murals, and is original, radical idea of democratizing contemporary art.


La Street Art e il caso Banksy

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