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Telmo Pievani


Telmo Pievani, science philosopher and evolutionist, essayist and communicator, holds Italy’s first chair in Philosophy of biological sciences at the Department of Biology of the University of Padua. He is president of the Italian Society of Evolutionist Biology, member of the Italian Department of Anthropology and a contributor writer for Corriere della Sera, Le Scienze, Micromega e L’Indice dei Libri del Mese. He is author of several books including Introduzione a Darwin (2012) ,Laterza; La fine del mondo (2012) , il Mulino; Evoluti e abbandonati (2014) and Libertà di migrare (con V. Calzolaio, 2016), Einaudi; Come saremo (con L. De Biase, 2016) for Codice; La vita inaspettata (2011) and Imperfezione (2019), Cortina. By the end of August his new book La terra dopo di noi (with Frans Lanting) will be published by Contrasto.


And they called it sapiens


The code of life


When the human mind was born. How we became Homo sapiens

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