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Marco Paolini

Marco Paolini

is an author, an actor and a director. He began telling stories at Teatro Settimo in Turin, then he started producing the “Albums” as a form of long collective biography of Italy from the 1960’s to date. Paolini’s performances are often based on events of the social and political history of Italy and other countries, from Il racconto del Vajont to I-TIGI racconto per Ustica, Parlamento chimico, Il Sergente, Bhopal 2 dicembre ‘84, U 238, Miserabili. In the series Bestiari he has dealt with the changes in Italian society by the use of dialect and poetry. Paolini has a passionate interest for geographical maps, trains and journeys, and pays special attention to the changing landscape and to history, as in Il Milione. He has brought the ancient art of storytelling to large audiences and has created memorable live tv shows, including ITIS Galileo and Ausmerzen. Vite indegne di essere vissute.


Of men and dogs. Dedicated to Jack London (music by Lorenzo Monguzzi)

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