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Amalia Ercoli Finzi


Amalia Ercoli Finzi, born in Gallarate in 1937, she graduated in Aeronautical Engineering and she has been focusing on spatial flight dynamics and space mission for 25 years. She teaches Orbital Mechanics at Milan Politecnico, and in 2010 she became a honorary Professor. She contributed to the realization of satellites and probes for the planetary exploration, and she works for the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the International Astronautical Federation. She was in charge of the SD2 experiment of the historic Rosetta Mission to perforate the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet surface and supply the samples to be analyzed; she was the director of the Milan Politecnico Aerospace Engineering Department, as well as the Italian representative for the Horizon 2020 European program; she was awarded the Gold Medal for scientific merits by the Italian President of the Republic.


Space Exploration: today, tomorrow, and… the day after

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