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Attilio Brilli

Attilio Brilli
Attilio Brilli

a professor of Anglo-American Literature at the University of Siena, has authored essays on English, irish and American writers such as Byron, Swift, Joyce and James; he also curated the publication of R.L. Stevenson's “Works” in the series «I Meridiani» (Mondadori, 1982). Considered one of the foremost scholars on travel literature, he has written many texts on the subject, published b Il Mulino:  Il viaggiatore immaginario (1997), Il viaggio in Italia (2006), Il viaggio in Oriente (2009), Dove finiscono le mappe (2012), Mercanti avventurieri (2013), Gerusalemme, La Mecca, Roma (2014), Il grande racconto del viaggio in Italia (2014), Il grande racconto dei viaggi d’esplorazione, di conquista e d’avventura (2015), Sulle tracce di San Francesco (with S. Neri, 2016).


Voyages through spaces real and imagined

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