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Alberto Mantovani

Alberto Mantovani
Alberto Mantovani

based in Milan, is a doctor and professor of General pathology at the Humanitas University, which focuses on Medicine and Life Sciences, as well as Scientific Director of the IRCCS – Humanitas Clinical Institute. In the past he has worked in England and in the United States, and was head of the Immunology Department of the Mario Negri Institute of Milan. He has contributed to the advancement of our knowledge in the field of immunology, both by formulating new paradigms and by identifying new molecules and functions. His publications in popular science include I guardiani della vita (con M. Florianelli, Dalai, 2011) and Immunità e vaccini (Mondadori, 2016). His new book Non aver paura di sognare. Decalogo per aspiranti scienziati (La Nave di Teseo) will be released at the end of August.


Immunity and the brain: a dialogue between two chief systems. From memory to vaccines.

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