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David Monacchi


David Monacchi (Urbino, 1970) studied in Italy, Canada and United States, and now he is professor at the Public Conservatory in Pesaro, Italy. He is an inter-disciplinary artist, composer and audio engineer, and he conducts a research on the sounds of the equatorial primary forests. With the project Fragments od Extinction he is pioneering a new compositional and science dissemination approach based on 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems to foster discourse on the biodiversity crisis through educational and sound-art installations. He patented the Eco-acoustic Theatre invention. He was invited to the COP-14 ONU Conference on Biodiversity. He founded the International Society of Ecoacoustics, and author of the pluri-awarded movie Dusk Chorus and of the book L’arca dei suoni originari (Mondadori, 2019).



Fragments of extinctions

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