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Dino Pedreschi


Dino Pedreschi is a professor of Computer science at the University of Pisa, and a pioneer in Data Science and Big Data, which analyze the digital footprint of human activity to shed light on social complexity. He is director of the KDD LAB-Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory, a joint research center of the University of Pisa and CNR. The main focus of his studies is the impact that data science has on society: smart cities, mobility, social and financial networks, ethics and privacy, democracy. He is one of the founders of the Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem. He has worked at the Center for Complex Network Research in Boston, at the University of Texas in Austin, at CWI in Amsterdam and at UCLA. He heads the PhD in Data Science at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.


Virtual communities: how Big Data reflects society 

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