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Maddalena Crippa


Maddalena Crippa was chosen by Giorgio Strehler at only 17 years old for the role of Lucietta in Goldoni’s Campiello. An international leading lady, she has performed key parts with originality and stylistic accuracy throughout her career, working alongside important directors like Luca Ronconi, Massimo Castri, Peter Stein, Cristina Pezzoli. She debuted as an actress-singer in 1997 with her performance of Canzonette vagabonde, a selection from the '20-40s era. In 2000 Luciano Berio chose her for the roles of Polly and Jenny in B. Brecht and K. Weill’s “Threepenny Opera”. Her performances include parts in the show Sboom by Cristina Pezzoli, Peter Stein’s Femmine fatali, Letizia Quintavalla’s A Sud dell’alma, as well as in films (including Francesco Rosi’s I tre fratelli).


The Widow Merry. Café chantant

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