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Stefano Allievi


Stefano Allievi is a Sociology professor and director of the Master on Islam in Europe at the University of Padova. He deals with migrations and the analysis of cultural change and religious pluralism, with a special focus on the Islamic presence in Europe. He has conducted various research projects on these topics in Italy and abroad, publishing his findings in a number of European languages, Arabic and Turkish. His most recent publications include Conversioni: verso un nuovo modo di credere? Europa, pluralismo, islam (Guida, 2016), Tutto quello che non vi hanno mai detto sull’immigrazione (Laterza, 2016, con G. Dalla Zuanna), Il burkini come metafora. Conflitti simbolici sull’islam in Europa (Castelvecchi, 2017), Immigrazione. Cambiare tutto (Laterza, 2018).


Immigration: changing everything

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