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Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci Architecture is the art of daily life says Vito Acconci ìeach of us has an architectural awareness, albeit unconscious, and even if we know it well because it oppresses us, it still remains an art we learn through daily life. He was born and lives in New York, with a background of poetry and art (performances, film/video and installations). In 1988 he started the Acconci Studio, a group of designers and architects whose approach consists in creating a new space by changing a preceding one, turning it upside down, or adding a capsule that grows spontaneously until it becomes a landscape within an interior. Architecture to them is an opportunity and a pretext for action and activity; their aim is to render spaces fluid, changeable and mobile. Their projects have been built all over the world; in Italy they are working on the faÁade of a Milan building.
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