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Ennio Peres

Ennio Peres

holds a Mathematics degree and has taught Mathematics and Information science. Since the late Seventies he has practiced ‘gameology,’ a profession he himself invented with the intention of spreading by all possible means the creative pleasure of playing with the mind. Author of many books on games, designer of table games and radio and tv games, Peres often contributes to a number of newspaper and periodicals. He has obtained many Italian and international mathematical and puzzle-solving prizes: Personalità ludica dell’anno (2005); Premio Internazionale Pitagora sulla Matematica (2006); Trofeo Associazione Rebussistica Italiana (2008). As a puzzle designer and solver, his specialty are anagrams and various puzzles including crossword. Every year he presents the year’s most difficult crossword puzzle on the Web. His recent books include: Un mondo di coincidenze (Ponte alle Grazie, 2010); L’elmo della mente. Manuale di magia matematica, with S. Serafini (2006), Matematicaterapia (Salani, 2011).


Mathematics is the game of life

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