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Angélique Del Rey


Angélique Del Rey philosopher, essayist and philosophy associate professor, leaves between Paris, where she teaches philosophy in a post-culture centre for teenagers, and Buenos Aires, where she holds seminaries and conferences about education and evaluation. She wrote À l’école des competences (La Découverte, 2010), a book in which she criticizes pedagogy through competences, and La tirannia della valutazione (elèuthera, 2018), in which she continues reflecting on a society that constantly evaluates everything and everyone. Together with Miguel Benasayag she published several works including: Elogio del conflitto (Feltrinelli, 2008), in which she criticises the denial of the conflict generated by postmodern societies and she claims its renovation, and Dalla solitudine contemporanea alla creazione condivisa (Feltrinelli, 2016).


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