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2012 Programme

Event #5

Giulia Lazzarini

WALL - before and after Basaglia

This touching performance by Renato Sarti (text and stage direction) tells the experience of a paramedic who by chance went to work at the Trieste psychiatric hospital.
Straitjackets, lobotomies, electroshocks… such were psychiatric hospitals before the introduction of the legislation named after Dr. Basaglia—isolated places where all sorts of violence and torture were perpetrated. Then things changed: the main task of hospital staff was no longer just keeping watch on the patients but listening and talking to them. This inevitably set off a strange dynamics where the boundary separating madness from sanity was exposed in all its precariousness. With her light touch and her surprising expressiveness, Giulia Lazzarini interprets on stage the nurse—a simple woman—who becomes aware of the human meaning, as well the scientific value, of the revolution brought about by that unusual doctor.


Giulia Lazzarini

is an actress from Milan. After training at the Experimental center for cinematography and following some experience in the field of cinema, she successfully landed in theatre. Since 1955 her name has been linked to Giorgio Strehler’s Piccolo Theatre in Milan, where she gave life to characters that would enter into the annals of Italian thetre. Strehler had said about her: “Giulia belongs to those rare natural talents who, when they step onto a theatre stage and start to act, already know everything there is to know on theatrics. They were born to act. They are always acting, and acting well”. Gorla fermata Gorla is a production of Teatro della Cooperativa (2017).

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Event #1

Gustavo Zagrebelsky

The right to culture, the responsibility of knowledge

Event #2

Marco Santagata

Dante: an egocentric or a prophet? Creativity and writing as a mission

Event #3

Anna Salvo

Sorrow is like a telescope that helps us look into the distance: creatività and suffering

Event #4

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am Like the starry sky: visions of language across the centuries

Event #5

Giulia Lazzarini

WALL – before and after Basaglia

Event #6

Alfredo Lacosegliaz, Paolo Rumiz

I Narrabondi. A reading in music

Event #7

Alessandro Barbero

How did women think in the Middle Ages? St. Catherine of Siena

Event #8

Luca Scarlini

Dancing thought: the body as a thinking mechanism

Event #9

Duccio Demetrio

The tenth Muse: Writing and its myths

Event #10

Giuseppe Civitarese

Get out your colors! Dreaming as the mind’s poetic function

Event #12

Franco Cordero

The phobia of thinking

Event #13


The artist as sacred parasite

Event #14

Marino Niola

Between organic and divine. Food as knowledge, resistance and penance

Event #15

Giacomo Marramao

Power, creativity, change

Event #17

Ascanio Celestini

How stories are born

Event #18

Erri De Luca

Words as tools

Event #19

Ruggero Pierantoni

It’s all a matter of size

Event #20

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am The hidden waft: the secrets of language

Event #21

Marc Augé

The primacy of knowledge

Event #22

Enzo Moscato

Toledo Suite. Concerto spettacolo

Event #23

Alessandro Barbero

How did women think in the Middle Ages? Christine de Pizan

Event #24

Gianfranco Capitta, Rafael Spregelburd

Seven sins that make life possible

Event #25

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet

Teenagers in school: studying the past, ignoring the future

Event #28

Mauro Agnoletti, Ilaria Borletti Buitoni

Culture, environment, landscape. For a possible, sustainable future

Event #30

Sergio Givone

Invention and discovery. About creation

Event #31

Jacopo Perfetti

La Street Art e il caso Banksy

Event #32

Haim Baharier

Qabbala and an economy of justice

Event #33

Mario Brunello

CELLO AND… hidden voices, revealed voices. A concert

Event #34

Telmo Pievani

When the human mind was born. How we became Homo sapiens

Event #35

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am The word and the flesh: the neurobiology of language

Event #36

Marco Paolini

Of men and dogs. Dedicated to Jack London (music by Lorenzo Monguzzi)

Evento n.11

Paolo Pejrone

For a modern garden—in form and substance

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