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2012 Program

Event #4

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am Like the starry sky: visions of language across the centuries

Explaining the history of language is like watching the starry sky: we join together the brightest stars and build constellations—some of them ordinary, others more daring. And not all the stars we see are active: the light that reaches us is ancient, it could still be on its way when the star is already dead. Thus the sky is like a natural history museum and at the same time like a zoo: next to the living animals, we see the footprints of those that have become extinct. The same thing happens when we examine how language has been viewed across the centuries: every era, every culture have set forth a dominant theory of the nature of language, so much so that by tracing their development we can obtain a sample of the “spirit of the times”, or a sort of history of mankind.


Andrea Moro
Andrea Moro

is a full professor of General Linguistics at the Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS di Pavia and director of the NetS research centre, where he conducts research in neurolinguistics. A PhD, Fulbright grant winner, and a graduate of the University of Geneva, he has often been a visiting scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and at Harvard University. He has written several articles for international publications such as Nature Neuroscience and Linguistic Inquiry. His books include: Breve storia del verbo essere (Adelphi, 2010), Parlo dunque sono (Adelphi, 2012), The equilibrium of human syntax (Routledge, 2013) and I confini di Babele (Il Mulino, 2015; The Boundaries of Babel, MIT Press, 2015).

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Event #1

Gustavo Zagrebelsky

The right to culture, the responsibility of knowledge

Event #2

Marco Santagata

Dante: an egocentric or a prophet? Creativity and writing as a mission

Event #3

Anna Salvo

Sorrow is like a telescope that helps us look into the distance: creatività and suffering

Event #4

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am Like the starry sky: visions of language across the centuries

Event #5

Giulia Lazzarini

WALL – before and after Basaglia

Event #6

Alfredo Lacosegliaz, Paolo Rumiz

I Narrabondi. A reading in music

Event #7

Alessandro Barbero

How did women think in the Middle Ages? St. Catherine of Siena

Event #8

Luca Scarlini

Dancing thought: the body as a thinking mechanism

Event #9

Duccio Demetrio

The tenth Muse: Writing and its myths

Event #10

Giuseppe Civitarese

Get out your colors! Dreaming as the mind’s poetic function

Event #12

Franco Cordero

The phobia of thinking

Event #13


The artist as sacred parasite

Event #14

Marino Niola

Between organic and divine. Food as knowledge, resistance and penance

Event #15

Giacomo Marramao

Power, creativity, change

Event #17

Ascanio Celestini

How stories are born

Event #18

Erri De Luca

Words as tools

Event #19

Ruggero Pierantoni

It’s all a matter of size

Event #20

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am The hidden waft: the secrets of language

Event #21

Marc Augé

The primacy of knowledge

Event #22

Enzo Moscato

Toledo Suite. Concerto spettacolo

Event #23

Alessandro Barbero

How did women think in the Middle Ages? Christine de Pizan

Event #24

Gianfranco Capitta, Rafael Spregelburd

Seven sins that make life possible

Event #25

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet

Teenagers in school: studying the past, ignoring the future

Event #28

Mauro Agnoletti, Ilaria Borletti Buitoni

Culture, environment, landscape. For a possible, sustainable future

Event #30

Sergio Givone

Invention and discovery. About creation

Event #31

Jacopo Perfetti

La Street Art e il caso Banksy

Event #32

Haim Baharier

Qabbala and an economy of justice

Event #33

Mario Brunello

CELLO AND… hidden voices, revealed voices. A concert

Event #34

Telmo Pievani

When the human mind was born. How we became Homo sapiens

Event #35

Andrea Moro

I speak, therefore I am The word and the flesh: the neurobiology of language

Event #36

Marco Paolini

Of men and dogs. Dedicated to Jack London (music by Lorenzo Monguzzi)

Evento n.11

Paolo Pejrone

For a modern garden—in form and substance

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