the first European festival on creativity

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The Festival’s project is to address creativity and its processes with the help of such unique witnesses as the thinkers, theoreticians, scholars of the mind who will offer our audiences a total of 39 unique workshops, lectures, and performances designed on purpose for them. We are hoping to make these three days of meetings and discussions a true and proper celebration of the mind and of free thought, meant for all those who seek instruments in order to understand themselves and the surrounding reality—for all those who believe that culture is a crucial tool to improve our lives.

Programme of the 8th edition

Evento n.1

Chiara Saraceno

Too much inequality hinders everyone’s well-being

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Evento n.6

Zygmunt Bauman

Reflections on the notions of community and network, on social networks and Facebook

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Evento n.10

Maurizio Bettini

Mythological forms of memory in ancient Greece and Rome

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Evento n.14

Gian Carlo Calza

Different, eccentric, extraordinary: aesthetics and creativity between Asia and the West

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Evento n.26

Franco Borgogno

In other people’s hearts and minds. A psychoanalyst between tradition and creativity

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Evento n.28

Michela Marzano

Mind and body: anorexia, or the enigma of desire

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Evento n.31

Felice Cimatti

Mind, communication and language in animals, including Homo sapiens

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Evento N.35

Luce Irigaray

Saving human energy. Breathing: a source of universal sharing

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Evento n.36

Edoardo Boncinelli

What is life? Life yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Evento n.37

Sonia Bergamasco, Fabrizio Gifuni

A quiet sunny day. Attilio Bertolucci and Pier Paolo Pasolini, a friendship in verse

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