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Dear friends of Festival della Mente, thank you. On the Festival’s 10th anniversary, we wish to express our gratitude to you all for the unforgettable editions spent together. Like all good things, these ten years have passed fast. The memories of past editions make up a snapshot of our country the way we would like it to be always: a country full of people who are keen on listening and reflecting, of thinkers and intellectuals who enjoy the challenge of discussing things in depth and share an interest in the common good. The Festival has shown that Italy has a lively, strong culture not based on the narcissism of loud statements or impressive figures but on quality, on real excellence, on openness to dialogue, on the desire to know and share – in one word, to improve. This is the goal that guided us in these first ten years, and we have worked to achieve it together with the many people who flocked to Sarzana from distant places, as well as with the more than five hundred speakers who helped make the Festival della Mente one of the most popular cultural events in Italy. Popular even among youngsters – more that four thousand of them – who offered their volunteer work for the Festival and thus became part of its audience and its ambassadors as well.

Programme of the 10th edition


Guido Rossi

Ideas and their responsibility in good and evil

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Alessandra Lemma

The body as a canvas: depicting/defacing the body

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Ramin Bahrami

Italian Journey. Grand Tour with Bach and Scarlatti

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Alessandro Barbero

Incredible Middle Ages: the Terror of the Year 1000

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Emanuele Trevi

On the other side of things: The Initiation Journey

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Bernard-Henri Lévy

Between art, philosophy and science: the adventures of truth

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Stefano Bartezzaghi, Massimo Recalcati

To inherit or to be creative? Art in the time of disoriented generations

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Lella Costa

What we talk about when we talk about irony

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Laura Boella

Empathy, sympathy and compassion: resources for a threatened world?

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