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“To know how to wonder and question is the first step of our mind toward discovery.” It was this thought by Louis Pasteur – the 19th Century French scientist considered the father of microbiology – that inspired the thread of the 20th edition of Festival della Mente: wonder. Festival della Mente is the first European multidisciplinary festival dedicated to creativity and ideas, and twenty years after its birth, it still underlines the importance of the scientific sphere alongside the humanities – a union of knowledge which is fundamental to understand today’s ever-changing and contradictory reality, thanks also to the enthusiasm and competence of the speakers.


Wonder, then. A word that can be declined in many different ways and can drive us to pursue wonders and beauty in nature, literature, science, art, history and philosophy. And, above all, it is meant to be a wish for all of us: let ourselves be moved by wonder, joy and intellectual curiosity; we should look at the future with hope, realising that innovation must go hand in hand with social justice, and technology with protection of Earth and fight against inequality.

Programme of the 20th edition

Festival opening

Friday 1 September 05.00 pm
Piazza Matteotti1

Cristina Ponzanelli Mayor of Municipality of Sarzana
Giovanni Toti President of Regione Liguria
Andrea Corradino President of Fondazione Carispezia
Benedetta Marietti Director of Festival della Mente

Event #1

Friday 1 September 05.15 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Massimiliano Valerii

The trial of Galileo Galilei: wonder and disenchantment

Event #2

Friday 1 September 06.30 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Franco Lorenzoni

Educating against the wind

Event #3

Friday 1 September 09.00 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Paolo Giordano

Wonder between nature and knowledge

Event #5

Friday 1 September 11.00 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Matteo Nucci

A philosopher's wonder: Plato

Event #8

Saturday 2 September 10.15 am
piazza Matteotti1

Guido Tonelli

Matter. The wonderful illusion

Event #9

Saturday 2 September 11.45 am
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Vittorio Lingiardi

Dreams as neuro-wonder

Event #10

Saturday 2 September 12.15 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Francesca Mannocchi

Wonder during war: is it possible?

Event #13

Saturday 2 September 04.30 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Massimo Zamboni

Wild bestiary. An illustrated reading

Event #14

Saturday 2 September 05.00 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Massimo Recalcati

The trauma of loss and the working-through of a bereavement

Event #15

Saturday 2 September 06.30 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Martina Mazzotta

Wunderkammer: art, science, wonder. From the Renaissance until the present day

Event #16

Saturday 2 September 07.00 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Matteo Nucci

A poet’s wonder: Omer

Event #17

Saturday 2 September 09.30 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Alessandro Barbero

1204: the Crusaders discover Constantinople

Event #17 BIS

Sunday 3 September 10.00 am
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Alessandro Barbero

1204: the Crusaders discover Constantinople

Event #18

Saturday 2 September 09.45 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi3

Cinzia Spanò, Roberta Di Mario

Reading Lolita in Tehran. Reading concert

Event #19

Sunday 3 September 09.30 am
meeting in Giuncano (a hamlet near Castelnovo)6

Alberto Rollo

The Humble Beauty of Ditches and Majesties

Event #22

Sunday 3 September 12.00 pm
cinema Moderno3

Carlo Stanga, Giulia Capodieci

Wunderkit: five objects for creativity

Event #23

Sunday 3 September 12.15 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Veronica Barassi, Gerd Gigerenzer

Generative AI and the Wonder of Human Intelligence

Event #24

Sunday 3 September 02.30 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Alessandro Zaccuri

Wonderfully. Learning wonder from literature

Event #25

Sunday 3 September 02.45 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Nazareth Castellanos

Discovering our mind through the wonders of our body

Event #27

Sunday 3 September 05.15 pm
Teatro degli Impavidi2

Elena Stancanelli, Bernardo Zannoni

Out of the blue: wandering to find wonder

Event #28

Sunday 3 September 07.00 pm
piazza Matteotti1

Matteo Nucci

A novelist’s wonder: Gabriel García Márquez

Event #33Children / Kids

Saturday, 2 September 10.30 am_12.00 am_03.00 pm
Sala studio ex Tribunale5


Have you ever seen a 3D hologram?

Event #39Children / Kids

Sunday, 3 September 10.00 am_05.00 pm
Piazzale Fortezza Firmafede4

Willy Guasti

Soft-hearted animals… And more!

Event #40Children / Kids

Sunday, 3 September 02.30 pm_04.45 pm
Sala studio ex Tribunale5

Sergio Rossi

Water: the world's strangest substance!

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