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2023 Programme

Event #25

Sunday 3 September, 02.45 pm

piazza Matteotti1 - euro 4,50
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Nazareth Castellanos

Discovering our mind through the wonders of our body

Neuroscience is going through a revolution which implies strong clinical, social and personal consequences. The rediscovery of the influence that the body organs have on the brain leads us to an integral vision of psychology. Nazareth Castellanos takes the audience on a journey through the body to discover its amazing impact on neurons. Important elements such as memory, attention, mood or emotions also depend on body posture and facial gestures, the gut microbiota and stomach, as well as the complex heartbeat pattern and the way we breathe. The most innovative and rigorous scientific evidence intertwines with the history of Eastern medicine and with Western literature, philosophy and poetry. Combined together, they contribute to create a new humanistic science.



Nazareth Castellanos

Nazareth Castellanos graduated in Theoretical Physics and has a PhD in Medicine (Neuroscience) from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has worked, as a lecturer and researcher, in hospitals and universities in Madrid, at the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt (Germany), at King's College in London and currently directs research at an associated laboratory at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has published more than 80 scientific articles in recognised journals and has published two best-selling scientific books in Spain. Her work focuses on popularising science on social networks and other media thanks to her collaboration with Spanish television. 

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Wonderfully. Learning wonder from literature

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Nazareth Castellanos

Discovering our mind through the wonders of our body

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Marco Somà

To infinity… and beyond!

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Willy Guasti

Soft-hearted animals… And more!

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Water: the world's strangest substance!

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