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2023 Programme

Event #22

Sunday 3 September, 12.00 pm

cinema Moderno3 - euro 4,50
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Carlo Stanga, Giulia Capodieci

Wunderkit: five objects for creativity

People surround themselves with objects. Sometimes they are mysterious objects, found in the street, or autobiographical objects, taken from the toolbox. They can be talismans, totally useless yet beautiful objects, objects smelling new or antique objects. They all trigger memories, stories and inspirations. In this special interview for Wunderkit the illustrator Carlo Stanga talks about himself and his personal kit of wonders: Munari trees, a design light bulb to motivate play, a Pythagorean glass, notebooks and keys that create bridges between surprise and unexplored territories.

Five objects in dialogue between wonder and creativity, work and passion, play and measure.


Carlo Stanga(1)_300

Carlo Stanga is an architect and illustrator. Over the years, he has shaped a tailor-made work combining his passions: drawing, cities, architecture, travel and creativity. His highly recognisable style has received many awards worldwide, including the American Illustration Award. He has published the I am the city series with Moleskine and Princeton Arch. Press. His motto is: follow your Daimon!

GIULIA CAPODIECI by Cartacarbone 08_300

Giulia Capodieci is a content and brand identity strategy developer and works at ActionAid. She has designed two interview formats: Talee to explore biophilia and the connections between plants, empathy and creativity; Wunderkit, hosted by Bonvini 1909, to marvel at stories and objects from people and creative enterprises. On Instagram she talks about plants and ecofeminism as @la.seccatrice.
ph. credits: Cartacarbone

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