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2014 Programme

Event #4

Philippe Petit

Creativity: the Perfect Crime

Ever since he was a child – much before his epic crossing on a wire stretched between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 – Philippe Petit has ventured along the little-known confines of a search for knowledge and perfection, which he himself has undertaken as someone who is self-taught. Insight, improvisation, observation, passion are the primary elements that fuel his long and frenetic path of creativity. But also rigour, control, total dedication. For Petit, the invitation to create starting from chaos and rebellion inevitably leads to order, which is indispensable for the definition of any programme. By using real examples, inspired by his very personal creative processes (drawing, demonstrations, audience participation, video screenings. even magic tricks), Petit will invite the spectators to find their own path so that they can enter the doors he opens. 


Philippe Petit

has walked the wire at very high altitudes on more than eighty occasions. Besides being a wire-walker, he is an illusionist, a street artist, a visual artist, an entrepreneur, an orator and a writer. An assiduous guest on TED and at other conferences, he has also authored and illustrated many books, including To Reach the Clouds (2008) – on which is based James Marsh’s Man on Wire, 2009 Oscar for Best Documentary –, Treatise on Wire-Walking (2009) and Creativity (July 2014), Italian editions published by Ponte alle Grazie. He is currently planning two new crossings on Easter Island and at the New York Public Library.

Interpreter: Marina Astrologo.

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Event #1

Mario Calabresi

Rediscovering Reason in Order to Avoid a Shipwreck

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Francesco M. Cataluccio

The Epidemic of Immaturity: from Peter Pan to Harry Potter

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Roberto Esposito

Growing Up Is Hard

Event #4

Philippe Petit

Creativity: the Perfect Crime

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Emanuela Grimalda

Le difettose (The Flawed)

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Alessandro Barbero

How Do Wars Break Out? World War I

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Sofia Bignamini

The Explosion of the Mutants

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Davide Comazzi, Antonio Piotti, Laura Turuani

Other Mothers, Other Fathers, New Adolescents

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Peter Cameron, Marco Missiroli

One Day this Creativity Will Come In Handy

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Mauro Ceruti

Europe Risks a New Self-Destruction

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Massimo Recalcati

Can One Forgive in Love?

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Giorgio Diritti

The Discovery of the Birth of a Film

Event #13

Matteo Lancini


Event #14

David McCullough jr.

Kids, You Are Not Special!

Event #15

Silvia Vegetti Finzi

New Grandparents for New Grandchildren

Event #16

Katia Provantini

Surviving Middle School

Event #18

Oscar Farinetti

Lots Can Still Be Done, This Is Why the Future Is Marvellous

Event #19

Paola Mastrocola

The Death of Study

Event #20

Paolo Cornaglia Ferraris, Marcello Massimini

The Secret of the Consciousness and its Measurement

Event #21

Christian Raimo, Michele Serra

All Unhappy Families Are Like One Another

Event #23

Alessandro Barbero

How Do Wars Break Out? World War II

Event #24

Fabio Geda

Absolute beginners

Event #26

Anita Nair

New Identity of the Indian Woman

Event #27

Andrea Boeri, Luca Molinari

A Dialogue on the Spaces (and the Things) We Inhabit

Event #28

Luigi Zoja

Generational Crisis, Male Crisis, Italian Crisis

Event #29

Stefano Arienti, Franco Farinelli

Journey and Adventures in Knowledge

Event #30

Errico Buonanno, Chiara Valerio

My Children, Imaginary Marxists

Event #31

Cesare Moreno

School Drops-Out and Their Antagonists

Event #32

Alfio Maggiolini

From Being Kids “Against” to Being Responsible Ones

Event #33

Chiara Saraceno

Inheritance, Tradition, Generational Changes

Event #34

Beppe Severgnini

Creating Doesn’t Mean Improvising

Event #35

Elena Riva

The Myth of Perfection in Contemporary Femininity

Event #36

Marco Belpoliti

Matteo and His Seven Shirts

Event #37

Salut Salon

The Night of Fate

Event #38

Amedeo Balbi, Antonio Pascale

Matter and Freedom: A Dialogue on Free Will

Event #39

Alessandro Barbero

How Do Wars Break Out? The Falklands War

Evento #25

Daniele Novara

Arguing Is Good for You

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