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2014 Programme

Event #8

Davide Comazzi, Antonio Piotti, Laura Turuani

Other Mothers, Other Fathers, New Adolescents

The postmodern family with its very few, much-desired children, so filled with expectations, suggests to the maternal and paternal minds new thoughts and affections in respect to those of the past. During childhood, the creation of a good relational atmosphere promotes the child’s development of skills, giving the impression that, despite the effort, things are going well. Adolescent metamorphosis, instead, is more and more often bewildering, allowing us to glimpse a fragile son or daughter, an unruly one, who struggles to be born socially. Accustomed to conflicts and deep-seated angst, new mothers and fathers wonder about the natural propensity of role: the mother is pushed towards guilt feelings and a re-evocation of a repertoire of childhood treatments, the father, instead, towards an attempt to regulate and defend an ethics that is no longer used. Adolescent change, after having at first created illusions, then deluded and terrified, will end up being surprising: from the rubble the signs of a new future project will emerge.


Davide Comazzi

Davide Comazzi, Antonio Piotti, Laura Turuani, adolescent psychotherapists, members of the Istituto Minotauro in Milan, where they carry out clinical, training and research activity. They teach at the Scuola di specializzazione in Psicoterapia dell’adolescente e del giovane adulto ARPAd-Minotauro in Milan. Their publications include: G. Pietropolli Charmet, S. Bignamini, D. Comazzi, Psicoterapia evolutiva dell’adolescente (Franco Angeli, 2010); A. Piotti, Il banco vuoto. Diario di un adolescente in estrema reclusione (Franco Angeli, 2010); G. Pietropolli Charmet, A. Piotti, Uccidersi. Il tentativo di suicidio in adolescenza (Raffaello Cortina, 2009); G. Pietropolli Charmet, L. Turuani, Narciso Innamorato. La fine dell’amore romantico nelle relazioni tra adolescenti (Bur, 2014).

Antonio Piotti
Laura Turuani

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