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2021 Programme

Event #25

Andrea Vico

What's in my mind?

What happens when you think? And when you scratch your nose? Why do you prefer that snack there? Why does your heart beat faster when you meet Genevieve or Tiberius? Is there a bump for math? A myriad of questions that we can explore together by playing together and doing a series of quizzes and experiments to discover the brain and its mechanisms.


Andrea Vico-

Andrea Vico, a journalist, has been working in the field of scientific divulgation for 25 years. He has written for Tuttoscienze, Le Scienze, Il Sole 24 Ore. Co-author of Hit Science (Rai3), he has received journalistic awards and written books on popular science, including Energia. Dal fuoco all'elio (Editoriale Scienza, 2012). He is founder of the association ToScienceCamp, consultant for museums and companies, professor of Science Communication at the University of Turin.

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Event #1

Luca Serianni

Dante and the creation of literary Italian language

Event #3

Matteo Nucci

Origin of wisdom: the enigma

Event #5

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The English Civil War

Event #6

Tommaso Ghidini

From Homo sapiens to Homo caelestis: the beginning of a new era

Event #8

Francesco Bianconi, Emanuele Coccia

Do not worry, you’re home

Event #9

Irene Vallejo, Valeria Della Valle

The birth of book in the ancient world

Event #11

Malika Ayane, Matteo Nucci

I start again from here

Event #12

Davide Calgaro

Fresh twenties

Event #13

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The American civil war

Event #15

Otegha Uwagba, Alessandra Carati

Dreaming of a new cohexistance

Event #16

Antonello Provenzale, Sara Segantin

Climate change: origins, calamities, hopes

Event #17

Miguel Benasayag

Origins and future of the livings

Event #19

Paolo Nori

Origins of Russian literature

Event #20

Matteo Nucci

Origins of philosophy: dialectic

Event #21

Paolo Colombo, Michele Tranquillini

Alexander von Humboldt: origin of ecology

Event #22

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The French civil war

Event #26Children / Kids


What was I before myself?

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