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2021 Programme

Event #31

Amedeo Romeo

Small storytellers

The verses, the rhythm, the rhyme and the images are the tools that the storyteller uses to transform and return the great stories of the oral tradition, such as those about the origin of the universe, of planets, of life on earth and of civilization. Experimenting with the art of storytelling and the spirit of the theater, we will build a story well-worthed to be shared. 


Amedeo Romeo

Amedeo Romeo has a degree in acting and has worked as an actor, author and theater director. He was Director of the Training Center of Teatri Possibili and coordinator of the homonymous national network of theater schools. Today he directs the Luzzati-Teatro della Tosse Foundation in Genoa. He has written several plays and short stories for children including L'universo in rima (Piemme, 2021).

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Event #1

Luca Serianni

Dante and the creation of literary Italian language

Event #3

Matteo Nucci

Origin of wisdom: the enigma

Event #5

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The English Civil War

Event #6

Tommaso Ghidini

From Homo sapiens to Homo caelestis: the beginning of a new era

Event #8

Francesco Bianconi, Emanuele Coccia

Do not worry, you’re home

Event #9

Irene Vallejo, Valeria Della Valle

The birth of book in the ancient world

Event #11

Malika Ayane, Matteo Nucci

I start again from here

Event #12

Davide Calgaro

Fresh twenties

Event #13

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The American civil war

Event #15

Otegha Uwagba, Alessandra Carati

Dreaming of a new cohexistance

Event #16

Antonello Provenzale, Sara Segantin

Climate change: origins, calamities, hopes

Event #17

Miguel Benasayag

Origins and future of the livings

Event #19

Paolo Nori

Origins of Russian literature

Event #20

Matteo Nucci

Origins of philosophy: dialectic

Event #21

Paolo Colombo, Michele Tranquillini

Alexander von Humboldt: origin of ecology

Event #22

Alessandro Barbero

Origins of civil wars. The French civil war

Event #26Children / Kids


What was I before myself?

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