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2016 Programme

Event #12

Riccardo Staglianò

That place is gone

When was the last time you bought a train ticket at the counter rather than online? Or a cd in an actual music shop? Or that you set foot in a bank? You’re not alone. The individual result is more immediate convenience, the collective one is the end of those job positions. Machines have always replaced manpower. First blue-collar work, in heavy labour. Now white-collars, too. It used to be that if you lost your job in manufacturing, you moved over to the service industry. But now the machines are running too fast, destroying more jobs than they manage to create. After globalization and finance, it’s the Web and robots that are killing the middle class. For the cheaper machines become, the more expensive human beings seem to be in comparison. This future is already here, but its outcome is not inevitable. As long as we take some radical countermeasures.   


Riccardo Staglianò

(Viareggio, 1968), correspondent of Venerdì di Repubblica, after working from New York for the monthly Reset and for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. From 2000 to 2010 he taught New Media at the Third University of Rome. As a writer, he is the author of various books including Al posto tuo. Così web e robot ci stanno rubando il lavoro (2016), Lavoretti. Così la sharing economy ci rende tutti più poveri (2018), L’affittacamere del mondo. Airbnb è la nostra salvezza o la rovina delle città? (2020), Gigacapitalisti (2022) all published by Einaudi. He was curator of three TEDx talks in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

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Event #1

Salvatore Veca

An idea of public space

Event #2

Jonathan Safran Foer, Ranieri Polese

That place called “home”

Event #3

Matteo Nucci, Valentina Carnelutti

The space of words: Helen and Odysseus

Event #5

Guido Tonelli

The birth of space (and time)

Event #5 BIS

Guido Tonelli

The birth of space (and time)

Event #6

Alessandro Barbero

The space of war. The First Italian War of Independence

Event #7

Alberto Mantovani

Immunity and the brain: a dialogue between two chief systems. From memory to vaccines.

Event #9

Valerio Magrelli, Andrea Gentile

Tv series: a newly emerged continent

Event #10

Ramak Fazel, Giorgio Vasta, Michele Lupi

Across the American deserts: a voyage through 20th century collective imagination

Event #11

Dominique Cardon

What do algorithms think of?

Event #12

Riccardo Staglianò

That place is gone

Event #13

Lamberto Maffei

The space of rebellion

Event #14

Claudio Bartocci, Chiara Valerio

Other maps, other worlds. Representations of space

Event #16

Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami

From the stars to Life: one, one hundred, one thousand Earths

Event #17

Cino Zucchi, Aldo Colonetti

Architectural space in the past, the present, the future

Event #18

Chiara Saraceno

Families confined and without borders

Event #19

Massimiano Bucchi

The best ideas of our lives. Make room for innovation (the real kind)

Event #20

Matteo Nucci, Valentina Carnelutti

The space of absence: Patroclus and Andromache

Event #21

Giuseppe Cederna

On the other side of the sea

Event #23

Alessandro Barbero

The space of war. The second Italian War of Independence

Event #24

Marco Balzano, Christian Raimo

School is an idea of the world

Event #26

Piergiorgio Odifreddi

Let’s make space for stupidity

Event #27

Attilio Brilli

Voyages through spaces real and imagined

Event #28

Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna

Is there space for us all? The future of European migrations

Event #29

Anna Ottani Cavina

When painters left their studios to paint en plein air

Event #30

Bruno Arpaia, Alessandro Zaccuri

The memory of space. The rubble of climate and rubbish in our homes

Event #31Approfonditamente

Alessandro Dal Lago, Serena Giordano, Ex Voto

Graffiti, tags and murals: when art extends to walls

Event #32

Marco Belpoliti

The poetry of space. Words and drawings on that place we call home

Event #34

Giacomo Rizzolatti, Antonio Gnoli

Mirror neurons: anatomy of a revolutionary discovery

Event #35

Gabriella Caramore

The boundaries of the soul and of the world

Event #36

Valentina Carnelutti, Matteo Nucci

The space of dreams: Penelope e Achilles

Event #37

Marco Martinelli

The joy of the chorus

Event #38

Paolo Rumiz, Alessandro Scillitani

The voice of the road. Words, sounds and images gathered along via Appia

Event #39

Alessandro Barbero

The space of war. The Third Italian War of Independence

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