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Event #23

Massimo Recalcati, Federica Fracassi

The son’s secret

Following his essential and successful analyses of the father and mother figures in contemporary society, Massimo Recalcati premieres a show based on his latest book – directed by Renzo Martinelli, with readings by Federica Fracassi and performances by a children’s choir – at Festival della Mente, completing an ideal trilogy focused on the figure of the child. A child’s splendor lies in his secret, which eludes the rhetoric of empathy and dialogue that is central in today’s normative culture. A child is a unique existence, distinct and untraceable to his or her parents. Against all forms of authority and a falsely libertarian pedagogy which aims to cancel out the symbolic difference between generations, Recalcati reiterates the child’s right to keep the secret of his or her life and desires.



Massimo Recalcati, is a member of Società Milanese di Psicoanalisi (Psychoanalytical Society of Milan). He is the founder of Jonas - Centre of Psychoanalytic Clinical Practice for New Symptoms, and the scientific director of a postgraduate school in psychotherapy at IRPA (Research Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis) in Milan. He teaches at the University of Verona and at IULM University of Milan. Since 2003, he has been director and lecturer of the postgraduate school in New Symptoms Clinic at the Jonas Onlus centre in Milan. He is currently a supervisor at the Gruber Centre in Bologna for serious cases of eating disorders. He contributes to the cultural sections of la Repubblica and La Stampa. Since 2014, he has directed the Eredi series for Feltrinelli. Since 2020, he has collaborated with Maurizio Balsamo and co-edited the journal Frontiere della psicoanalisi, published by Il Mulino. His numerous publications are translated into several languages.
ph. credits: Settimio Benedusi

federica fracassi_fotografia di Lorenza Daverio1
Federica Fracassi

, actress, received her training when she was very young at the Paolo Grassi Drama school. With Renzo Martinelli she founded the company Teatro Aperto – known today as Teatro i – which runs the space by the same name in Milan. She has received a number of prizes as best leading actress, including the Eleonora Duse prize and Premio Ubu. She has been directed on film by Gabriele Salvatore.

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Else Edizioni

In your own words: from silent books to silk screen printing

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