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Event #25

Edoardo Albinati


Even today, our word is the strongest bond we can offer to link us to another person, an ideal or a community. And to ourselves, above all. Then why don’t we always keep it? Does this constitute a fall, or a sin, in every situation? Or is individual and collective growth impossible without cutting ties to make way for new ones? Setting off from real or literary experiences, and dispassionately, Albinati compiles a list of the reasons and ways in which we are able to remain faithful or turn our backs to what we believed in, and the people who believed in us. Thus, like opposite poles of the human spirit, the traitor, the renegade and the unfaithful lover (in other words, the leads in innumerable tales, books and films) come face to face with their opposite: the inflexible patriot, the man of honor, those who are able to nourish the sentiment of duration and stability.


Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Libri Come 2016 - Edoardo Albinati dal catalogo AUTORItratti di Riccardo Musacchio & Flavio Ianniello

Edoardo Albinati, writer, was born in Rome in 1956. For more than twenty years he has been a teacher at the Rebibbia prison, an experience described in Maggio selvaggio (Mondadori, 1999). He has written screenplays for Matteo Garrone and Marco Bellocchio. He took part in a mission to Afghanistan led by the UN High Commission for Refugees recounted in Il ritorno (Mondadori, 2002). His books include Il polacco lavatore di vetri (Longanesi, 1989), 19 (Mondadori, 2000), Svenimenti (Einaudi, Premio Viareggio 2004), Tuttalpiù muoio (with Filippo Timi, Fandango, 2006), Vita e morte di un ingegnere (Mondadori, 2012) and La scuola cattolica, published by Rizzoli, which received the Strega Prize in 2001, Cuori fanatici (Rizzoli, 2019), Desideri deviati (Rizzoli, 2020), Velo pietoso. Guerra alla retorica (Rizzoli, 2021), La tua bocca è la mia religione (Guanda, 2022). He recently published the reportage Vite in sospeso. Migranti e rifugiati ai confini d’Europa, written together with Francesca d’Aloja (Baldini+Castoldi, 2022). In September his latest novellas Uscire dal mondo are published by Rizzoli.


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Event #1

Friday 1 September 2017, 05.45 pm

Elena Cattaneo

The networks that are good for science

Event #5

Friday 1 September 2017, 09.15 pm

Marco Albino Ferrari

Enchantment. From Val Grande to the polar icecaps

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Friday 1 September 2017, 11.00 pm

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of spies: doctor Sorge in Tokyo

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Franco Lorenzoni

Weaving relationships through silence and listening

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Axel Fiacco, Massimo Scaglioni

From networks to formats: creativity on television

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Giorgio Manzi

In the web of deep history: Lucy, Neanderthals and other stories

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Matteo Cerri

Keeping cool: hibernation and the exotic network of its physiology

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Saturday 2 September 2017, 03.00 pm

Nicola Gardini

The beauty of occurring. Ovid and the network of metamorphoses

Event #24

Saturday 2 September 2017, 11.00 pm

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of partisans: the GAP groups in Rome and the attack in Via Rasella

Event #26

Sunday 3 September 2017, 10.00 am

Emanuele Biggi

Spiders, silk and spider webs: wonders of the unloved

Event #39

Sunday 3 September 2017, 09.00 pm

Centro Formazione Supereroi

Neverending stories. A challenge in literary improvisation

Event #41

Sunday 3 September 2017, 11.00 pm

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of terrorists: the Red Brigades and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro

Event #48Children / Kids

Saturday 2 September_11.00 am_5.00 pm


The art of reclamation. DIY construction of a network of animals

Event #61Children / Kids

Sunday 3 September_4.00 pm_6.00

Else Edizioni

In your own words: from silent books to silk screen printing

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