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2017 Programme

Event #3

Matteo Nucci, Valentina Carnelutti

The net of Eros. Seduction

Eros is a hunter. He drives prey into Aphrodites’ “inescapable net”, as Ibycus states in one of his poems, while Saffo most eloquently depicts her net and the feelings of those trapped within it: eyes without sight, ears buzzing, sweat flowing, tremors. For the net of the aphrodisia – that is, the aphrodisiac desires that sent Helen into confusion at the sight of Paris and made Zeus into an indomitable predator – is a “steep and irresistible” trap, as Hesiodus wrote of the gift sent to humans by the gods through Pandora’s vase. At the time, Plato judged it the most potent among those present in the human soul, and chose it for this reason: an invincible net for capturing the young and spurring them to the soul’s liberation. But how does one free a trapped soul?


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Matteo Nucci was born in Rome in 1970. With Ponte alle Grazie Publishers he published the novels  Sono comuni le cose degli amici (2009, shortlisted at Strega Award), Il toro non sbaglia mai (2011), È giusto obbedire alla notte (2017, shortlisted at Strega Award) and the narrative-essay L’abisso di Eros (2018). He curated the new edition of Plato’s Symposium (Einaudi, 2009) and the narrative-essays Le lacrime degli eroi (Einaudi, 2013), Achille e Odisseo. La ferocia e l’inganno (Einaudi, 2020), Il grido di Pan (Einaudi, 2023). With HarperCollins he published the novel Sono difficili le cose belle (2022). His short stories were published in magazines, anthologies and eBooks. He collaborates with Venerdì di Repubblica, Specchio by La Stampa and l’Espresso.

Valentina Carnelutti

actress and author, nominated this year for the Nastro d’Argento, has been directed by M. T. Giordana (La meglio gioventù), T. Angelopoulos (La polvere del tempo), P. Virzì (Tutta la vita davanti, La pazza gioia), C. Maselli (Le ombre rosse), A. Orlando (Sfiorarsi) and many others. She is the author of  Sfiorarsi (A. Orlando) and of the film ReCuiem which she also directed. She also directed the documentary Melkam Zena in Ethiopia and the videoclip Le conseguenze dell’ingenuità.

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Event #1

Elena Cattaneo

The networks that are good for science

Event #2

Michele Mari

Caught in the mesh

Event #3

Matteo Nucci, Valentina Carnelutti

The net of Eros. Seduction

Event #5

Marco Albino Ferrari

Enchantment. From Val Grande to the polar icecaps

Event #6

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of spies: doctor Sorge in Tokyo

Event #7Approfonditamente


B.LIVE, B.Strong, B.Happy

Event #8

Elliot Ackerman, Imma Vitelli

Experiencing and relating war

Event #9

Franco Lorenzoni

Weaving relationships through silence and listening

Event #10

Axel Fiacco, Massimo Scaglioni

From networks to formats: creativity on television

Event #11

Marco Malvaldi, Claudio Bartocci

The Web as a mathematical structure

Event #13

Giorgio Manzi

In the web of deep history: Lucy, Neanderthals and other stories

Event #14Approfonditamente

Matteo Cerri

Keeping cool: hibernation and the exotic network of its physiology

Event #15

Nicola Gardini

The beauty of occurring. Ovid and the network of metamorphoses

Event #16

Luciano Floridi

Thinking in networks

Event #18

Suad Amiry

The networks of the Arab world

Event #19

Massimo Recalcati

Death of taboos?

Event #22

Giulia Lazzarini

Gorla fermata Gorla

Event #24

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of partisans: the GAP groups in Rome and the attack in Via Rasella

Event #25

Edoardo Albinati


Event #26

Emanuele Biggi

Spiders, silk and spider webs: wonders of the unloved

Event #28

Aravind Adiga, Marcello Fois

In the web: narrating families

Event #29

Marilù Gorno Tempini

Neurodiversity and dyslexia

Event #30

Darwin Pastorin

In search of the lost net

Event #32

Anna Salvo, Tiziana Iaquinta

Adolescents caught in the Web

Event #35

Lucia Votano

The dark web of the universe

Event #36

Paolo Gavazzeni, Omer Meir Wellber

The conductor, the orchestra and the score

Event #37

Matteo Nucci, Valentina Carnelutti

The net of Eros. Reconquering

Event #38

Michael Nyman, Anna Tifu

Concert for piano and violin

Event #39

Centro Formazione Supereroi

Neverending stories. A challenge in literary improvisation

Event #40

Marco Martinelli, Ermanna Montanari

Aung San Suu Kyi’s life under arrest

Event #41

Alessandro Barbero

Clandestine networks. A network of terrorists: the Red Brigades and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro

Event #44Children / Kids

Geena Forrest

Pencil-carrying naturalists

Event #46Children / Kids

Fabrizio Silei

Once upon a time there was a city

Event #48Children / Kids


The art of reclamation. DIY construction of a network of animals

Event #49Children / Kids

Cinzia Ghigliano

Pictures tell stories, so do we!

Event #50Children / Kids

Alessandro Sanna

To be or not to be myself

Event #51Children / Kids

Franco Lorenzoni

How was music born into the world?

Event #52Children / Kids

Anna Resmini, Virginia Zini

Shapes of sound. Stories of encounters between sound and color

Event #61Children / Kids

Else Edizioni

In your own words: from silent books to silk screen printing

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