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2017 Program

Event #33

C. Borgomeo, U. Bressanello, G. De Michelis, G. Giunta, V. Linarello

From silent social work to community networks

In the sphere of social work – the varied collection of experiences in the Third sector: volunteering, social cooperation, social entrepreneurship, social awareness associations – reference is constantly made to the need for creating networks; often, however, there’s the impression that this intention does not exceed expectation. What seems to be missing are the research and the qualification of shared general objectives, capable of determining structural changes. Therefore, the issue is linked to the perception organizations have of their own role: important players capable of providing answers to the needs of the weak, but who perhaps are hesitant to consider their work as essential in reinforcing community culture and qualifying social capital. In other words, reluctant to consider themselves as subjects capable of a political dimension.


Carlo Borgomeo

is president of Fondazione Con il Sud and of the social enterprise Con i bambini. He is the author of L’equivoco del Sud. Sviluppo e coesione sociale (Laterza, 2013).

Ugo Bressanello

, a former company manager, is a social entrepreneur. He has been president of Fondazione Domus de Luna Onlus since 2005 and president of Isperantzia Onlus since 2008

Giorgio De Michelis

teaches Organizational IT and Interaction design at Bicocca University. He edited L’Italia che compete (Angeli, 2011) with F. Butera.

Gaetano Giunta

, a theoretical physicist, researcher in complex phenomena and systems and an expert in social and cultural economics, is the administrator of the Messina Community Foundation - Distretto Sociale Evoluto.

Vincenzo Linarello

(Locri, 1970) founded the Goel Cooperative Group in 2003 to spur social change in the region of Calabria.

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