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2018 Programme

Event #6

Serena Dandini, Michela Murgia

The community of valiant women

What do environmentalist Wangari Maathai, artist Vanessa Bell and our own grand wordsmith Grazia Deledda share in common? Surely the fact of being valiant women, but not just that. They are pioneers who – like many others too often forgotten by official history – managed to achieve a role within their own communities but also outside of their boundaries. For these women, the creation of new and different communities – be they political or artistic – stemmed from their understanding of the fact that the pre-existing paths they had encountered laid out for them would have to be abandoned, or rather still – as Virginia Woolf said – treated with complex and important indifference. Does being indifferent to the strict paths of tradition allow one to open up to freedom and to a deep – and, if necessary, irreverent – pursuit of one’s own talents?



Serena Dandini, writer, TV presenter and screenwriter, has created and presented cult shows such as La tv delle ragazze, Avanzi, Lottavo nano and Parla con me. Her books published by Rizzoli include Dai diamanti non nasce niente and Ferite a morte, which inspired a play performed in theatres worldwide, as well as Avremo sempre Parigi (Premio Cesare Pavese). Her latest book is Il catalogo delle donne valorose (Mondadori, 2018).


Michela Murgia,born in Cabras, Sardinia, in 1972, is a writer and essayist. In 2006, she published Il mondo deve sapere for Isbn, which inspired Paolo Virzì’s film Tutta la vita davanti. A number of her books, among which Accabadora (Premio Campiello 2010), Ave Mary (2011), Chirù (2015), Futuro interiore (2016), have been published by Einaudi. She is also a TV and radio show presenter. Her new book L’inferno è una buona memoria is coming out in August for Marsilio. 

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Event #1

Andrea Riccardi

Community or the eclipse of Us

Event #2

Jan Brokken, Massimo Cirri

Jungle Rudy – the loner and the community

Event #4

Olivia Sellerio

Olivia Sellerio sings Montalbano

Event #6

Serena Dandini, Michela Murgia

The community of valiant women

Event #8

Ian Goldin

Our new Renaissance

Event #9

Federico Condello

School, community, justice

Event #10

Cristiano Galbiati

The Argonauts in pursuit of dark matter

Event #12

Giuseppe Festa

On a journey with wolves

Event #14

Franco Farinelli

Space, modernity, community 

Event #15

Massimiliano Valerii

What are today’s myths?

Event #16

Stefano Allievi

Immigration: changing everything

Event #17

Mario Cucinella

Architecture as a political action and an instrument for territories’ revitalization 


Event #18

Esther Perel

Betraying a relationship: reasons for unfaithfulness 

Event #19

Antonio Forcellino

The Renaissance emporium – the heart of the artistic community. 


Event #20

Kamila Shamsie

In the name of love 

Event #22

Hervé Barmasse

My life between zero and 8000

Event #23

Alessandro Barbero

World War I
May 24th: Italy enters the War

Event #25

Angélique Del Rey

Against competition

Event #26

Alessandro Barbero

World War I: Caporetto 

Event #28

Roberto Esposito

Back to community? 

Event #29

Daniele Zovi

The wood as a community: cooperation and interdependence among plants

Event #32

Dino Pedreschi

Virtual communities: how Big Data reflects society 

Event #33

Anna Foa

From community to citizenship: European Jews facing modernity 

Event #34

Matteo Nucci, Davide Livornese

The community of theatre

Event #35

Gabriele Lolli, Marco Licalzi

Tales from the Tower of Babel

Event #36

Mimmo Cuticchio

Duelling marionettes 

Event #38

Maddalena Crippa

The Widow Merry. Café chantant

Event #39

Alessandro Barbero

World War One. From the battles of the Piave River to Vittorio Veneto.

Event #43Children / Kids

Luca Boscardin

Profession… toy designer!

Event #49Children / Kids

Fausto Gilberti

This family is a circus!

Event #50Children / Kids

Dino Ticli

Horrible plants and animals

Event #52Children / Kids

Claudia Corrent, Luca Quinzani

On a piece of paper the sun turns… blue!

Event #55Children / Kids

Giuseppe Festa

Opening our senses to Nature

Event #56Children / Kids

Sara Donati

Illuminating portraits

Event #58Children / Kids


Magic sandbox. Playing with augmented reality

Event #59Children / Kids

Caterina Giannotti, Maria Pia Montagna

Writing is a game if you know the rules!

Event #60didatticaMente

Elena Corniglia

Accessible books for an inclusive community

Event #63didatticaMente

Claudia Corrent

Nature's footprints: experiments in blue 

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