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Event #9

Saturday 3 September, 02.45 pm

Teatro degli Impavidi - MOVED to piazza Matteotti1 - euro 4 + 1 *
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Giulio Boccaletti

Stand sill, while water flows all around

It all began ten thousand years ago when we and our nature of sedentary people faced a world of moving water for the first time. Societies developed struggling against floods, drought, storms – powerful water expressions of the climate system. That millenary struggle, led by the illusion to control our environment, transformed our territory. Deeply rooted in our past, it shaped institutions: democracy, republic, legal systems, even monotheism. Our history has an indissoluble bond with water. Today the climate is moving on a global scale and the distribution of water on the planet is changing with it. Before these enormous challenges, the past still has something to teach to help us face our future.


Tickets marked with Teatro degli Impavidi location will be valid for admission to piazza Matteotti.

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Giulio Boccaletti essayist, honorary researcher at Smith School of Oxford and Senior Fellow of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change. After graduating in physics in Bologna, he got his PhD in Princeton. He was a researcher at MIT, partner of McKinsey & Company in New York and London, and Chief Strategy Officer of The Nature Conservancy, the largest environmental organization in the world based in Washington and operating in more than 40 countries. He was involved in security waters with governments and international institutions. In 2014 the World Davos Economic Forum named him Young Global Leader for his work on water, which in 2020 was the subject of the PBS documentary H2O: The molecule that made us. His book Acqua. Una biografia (Mondadori, 2022), translated in various languages, was selected by The Economist as one of the best books of 2021.

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Where are we from? Who are we? Where are we going? (And where are we having dinner tonight?)

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Giulio Boccaletti

Stand sill, while water flows all around

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